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PC Monitor power off / Laptop Monitor Power off is a useful tool to save electricity and to save on bills.

Power Monitor switch off software can be just double-clicked to switch monitor power off and save on electricity. Just move the mouse or hit any key to enable the desktop. Its that simple. All tasks will continueto run in the background as usual.

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Turn Off / ON Monitor whenever you want

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Operating Systems Supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

When you save the power, you are not only helping the environment, your work like downloading will go on in the background.

There are two versions that will be installed:

MPO Power - you have the flexibility of choosing whether you want to switch off instantly or after configurable minutes.

MPO Instant: Just double click the icon on your desktop and monitor will be switched off instantly, saving you one more click!.

The installable will install both verions. Depending on requirement you can click on required icon.

Power Monitor Off Settings

  • Define a Shortcut Key
  • Optionally Display Icon in System Tray

Buy It Now: Instant Download after Secure Payment by Paypal

Price: 2 USD only

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More tools withh be available soon

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